Looking after your boat is like looking after an investment and it can pay dividends and save you money in the long term. On the other hand, if you don’t look after your boat well, its market value will dip sharply, and lack of maintenance can lead to expensive and catastrophic mechanical failures.

Winterizing is essential for all types of boat or engine and can take less than an hour (depending on your boat) to ensure your boat will be ready for next season. Winterizing can include:

  • Flushing your engine through with a water/coolant mix

  • Changing the water reservoir to a winter water/coolant mix.

  • Draining all excess water from the system

  • Changing oil for winter protection

  • Using protectant Fogging Oil for the engine air intake

  • Draining fuel system

  • Lubricating the engine cylinders/piston rings of petrol engines

  • Stabilising fuel using fuel additive

  • Lubricating rudder stock and steering mechanisms

  • Draining fresh water system

  • Testing all electrical systems

  • Fully charging/removing batteries

  • Power washing hull to remove all marine growth

  • Removing all food, cleaning and removing cushions/seating

  • Protecting the hull from UV by polishing/waxing

  • Check/lubricate/fix all poppers for your boat cover

  • Ensuring adequate ventilation to reduce condensation

  • Dry out/ de-odourize all bilge areas and remove bung

  • Thoroughly rinse trailer, grease bearings, check and lubricate brake cables and hitch mechanism

We offer yearly maintenance schemes and health checks to keep your boat operating at its best all year round. Please feel free to contact us now about winterizing your boat.